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Save Energy by Using a Variable Speed Drive

An Energy-Efficient Solution for Engine Operation

A large percentage of industrial energy consumption is used to power motors. Engines are used to operate all kinds of machines that depend on rotational force to do a specific job. You can reduce the energy consumption for the operation of such motors if you use a variable speed drive pump.

The pumps in the wells operate at a constant speed, and the amount of flow is regulated by manually opening and closing the valves in the pipelines. This requires a lot of long-term work, which increases the total expenditure allocated to workers. Therefore, it is necessary to automate the process, which will immediately result in low energy consumption and a reduction in human labor, which is another type of savings.

Speed Drive Pump

By using a variable speed drive, the operation of the motor can be automated, so that it will be able to run at increased or decreased speeds depending on the demand for certain amounts of fluid. Therefore, the motor will require different amounts of electricity. Depending on how much liquid is needed, the engine will set a certain number of revolutions that directly affect energy consumption. The lower the number of revolutions, the lower the power consumption, and the higher the number of revolutions, the higher the power consumption. Since this does not have to be regulated by a human, energy consumption will be optimal, because the engine speed will be determined automatically.

If you want to achieve great savings in the energy consumption of your well pumps, it is best to install a variable speed drive pump. These drives will automatically regulate the operation of the engine, which will lead to optimal operation of the engine, and therefore to reduced energy consumption.

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